Unvetted but Confident - Book Recommendations from Pure Life Experiences

Everything  at the Pure Life Experiences show in Marrakesh, Morocco is my favorite. The meetings are my favorite, the people are my favorite, the format is my favorite, everything comes with the post script "my favorite".

One thing that makes a meeting with a person my extra special, most favorite is when I come away with a new book recommendation.  Here are a my favorite few and my favorite people that mentioned them. Also, I haven't gotten to read any of these yet - so please share your thoughts if you get to them before I do.

Thanks to the amazing Zita Cobb, Innkeeper at Fogo Island Inn, for sharing this insightful book.

Jimmy Nelson, photographer extraordinaire, shared the story of Curtis who served as an inspiration of Jimmy's own work. 

From Sofi Hatzivassiliou, Fermor was described by a journalists as "a cross between Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Graham Greene."

The result of years of work and enthusiasm, this book is the accumulation of Jimmy Nelson's adventures around the globe trying to preserve the history of indigenous peoples.

Another from the amazing Zita Cobb.