A short and sweet and beautiful picture about the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia

Director Joey Schusler absolutely, 100% gets it right at the beginning of Trail to Kazbegi when he says, "The people of Georgia are wonderful people. Globally renowned as among the most hospitable people in the world."  And that's just half the story - what unfolds in this, quick, fifteen minute, documentary reveals the gorgeous landscapes of one of the most beautiful countries on Earth.

Expedition crew of Joey Schulser, Brice Minnigh, Ross Measures, and Sam Seward spent their time in Georgia out on a multi day biking epic through some of the spectacular Georgian passes. And these aren't just any passes, these are rough and technical peaks that even the Russian army didn't dare pass through.

The images they brought back from the expedition are amazing - quick switchbacks amongst the white peaks with not another human in sight except for shepherds, dogs, horses and sheep. The ancient traiding paths and agricultural trails are gorgeous and quiet (except when there are thunderstorms), everything that an intrepid traveler looks for when solitude is the prescription.

Highly recommend to take a few minutes to watch this inspirational film. And then take that inspiration to consider going to Georgia. Best way is via Turkish Airlines into Istanbul, then a quick flight to Tblisi. From Tblisi it is easy to get to some amazing spots (including Kazbegi) via road.

Watch the short film here