On Words . . . Goldeneye: Where Bond was Born: Ian Fleming's Jamaica

There's never any shame in looking up words.  Here are the latest from Goldenye: Where Bond was Born: Ian Fleming's Jamaica by Matthew Parker

  • Transmogrification - to transform in a surprising or magical manner
  • Langour - the state, often pleasant, of being tired
  • Degringolade - a rapid decline or deterioration
  • Jingoism - extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy
  • Priggish - self righteously moralistic and superior
  • Parsimonious - unwilling to spend money or use resources
  • Obstreperous - noisy and difficult to control
  • Cicerone - a guide who gives information about antiquities and places of interest to siteseers
  • Connubial - relating to marriage or the relationship of married people