Highlights from January 27 2015 #TL_Chat

Being a bit of a Twitter luddite - I grabbed some of the highlights from today's #TL_Chat below. Interesting stuff from a lot of great folks. Looking forward to the next one.  You can find me on Twitter at @scrappy325

Question 1 - What travel trends are you rooting for (or wish would go away) this year?

@acreange - Looking forward to wearable technology that's actually sleek and stylish.

@thepointsguy - Hoping for more smaller/niche adventures such as Cuba and Burma, also want airlines to stop devaluing frequent flyer programs.

@kayak - We're big fans of this new "leave no vacation day behind" mentality.  Because really, what are you waiting for?

@travelchannel We're all for experiential travel and local experiences, but we're over all the hype on millennial travel.

Question 2 - How are airports and airlines tempting travelers this year?

@TLTripDoctor - An airport trend for 2015: the independent lounge. We've been loving the Centurion Lounges at LAS, LGA, DFW and SFO.

@thepointsguy  - Investing in lounges like @amex new centurion luonges, @jetblue now has Mint, one of my favorite domestic biz class products

@pfrank1 - I'm encouraged by the popularity of premium economy. Recently flew @cathaypacificUS Hong Kong/NYC and slept like a baby!

Question 3 - Which emerging destination is going to hit the big time in 2015?

@googleTravel - Google searches for "Costa Rica vacations" are up 70% over the last 30 days.  Sounds pretty nice right about now.

@alicemarshallpr - Milan is high on our list with its Expo 2015 @ParkHyattMilan

@thepointsguy  - New hot destinations include Morocco (Essaouira) as well as African safaris where @EricRosenLA is now!

Question 4 - How has technology changed how you travel?

@JohnnyJet - Made it so much easier - I don't get lost anymore!

@TLTripDoctor  - See the over Instagramming of travel. I'm guilty as charged.

@WorldMate - How hasn't it? Technology allows you to have everything you need for traveling in the palm of your hand.

Question 5 - What upcoming trends will change the hotel experience this year?

@comohotels - Fully personalized experiences. We're there #checkintocheckout and have teams of wellness consultants and experts.

@CraigS_Smith @Marriott is now lending @GoPro cameras to guests, which puts more of a focus on the destination than the hotel.

@Discover_Cro - Boutique hotels for sure. Private, comfortable and luxurious - the perfect holiday!

Question 6 - What trends will change the way we cruise in 2015?

@JohnnyJet - More river cruises and more technology onboard.

@travelchannel - Several companies offer cruises to see the total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until 2026.

@TLTripDoctor cruise scene will realign.

Question 7 - How can you earn more for airline tickets this year?

@travelchannel - Not sure, but save money and book on Sundays. 57 days before travel for domestic flights and 171 days before travel for international.

@TLTripDoctor  - Don't rely on a single airline to bank points. Use a flexible points program tied to a credit card.

@5foottraveler - Bartending really is a great thing...

Question 8 - What are your 2015 travel resolutions?

@JohnnyJet  - Travel to 5 new countries!

@kayak - This year we resolve to travel smarter, and to help others do the same.

@TLTripDoctor - Get off the grid, use my miles, organize my pics

Question 9 - Share how to travel better in three words

@JohnnyJet  - Respectful, Open-mindedness and helpful

@travelchannel - Leave comfort zone

@kayak  - Just. Say. Yes.

Those are the highlights from my first #TL_Chat - did you see any interesting comments?