November 2014 Travel Suggestions

Some quick tips and suggestions to make travel easier on your next trip.

Use your phone’s lock screen for notes

Write down conversion rates for currency, Celsius to Fahrenheit, tipping guidelines, or any other general information.  Take a picture of it.  Then set it as the background or lock screen to your phone.  You can refer to it when your guide tells you something is 90 kilometers away, or when you’re haggling with a quick tongued shop keeper.

Airport lounges are worth it

Airport terminals generally have bad food, horrible chairs, and never dim the lights. Sitting and waiting for a flight in those conditions can drain the enthusiasm from any traveler. So if you have more than an hour and you’re not on a premium class ticket, find a pay lounge and relax. Enjoy the wifi and the complimentary buffet and drinks. Close your eyes in a quiet environment and dream of adventures past or future.

Don’t dress like a tourist

If you dress as a local, then you’ll be treated like a local. Transactions at stores will be smoother and your respect will be appreciated. Plus, thieves will pay less attention to you.

Take a small bag for daytrips, not a huge backpack.

This applies to airplanes too – ditch the sweat pants and don’t end up on this

Make a plan for photos

Pick a theme.  Bedknobs or broomsticks or door knockers.  Sometime unique and ubiquitous that you can chronicle as the days and miles of travel go on.

Share the experience and inspire others

Buy one authentic, local, cool item. It could be $1 or $50 dollars, the value doesn’t matter.  Bring it back and give them the token and the story that goes with it.  If it inspires 1 out of 100 people to travel, then it is well worth it.