Olakira, an amazing mobile camp in the Serengeti

Olakira Camp in Ndutu - Luxury mobile camp.  8 tents and 3 guides on staff.  open vehicles instead of closed vehicles.  This can be a problem during dry and dusty weather.  The vehicles do have charging points in them for charging cameras during drive.

Lounge area is nice with small library, couple couches and campaign chairs.  There is a charging station for all in the lounge.

Tents are not over the top, but comfortable.  The 8 tents are spaced apart, but do not have any trees or barriers between them, so not 100% private.  Each room has room for an additional bed for triples, however space at the dinner table is limited so the camp will only allow a few triples.

Bathrooms have two lights that are solar powered in the evening.  Proper porcelain toilets are flush and en suite.  Bucket shower is 35 liters and comfortable although not well lit.  Hot water is available 24 hours on request.  Small area to hang up clothes in bathroom with a few hangers.  Toilet paper is normal camp tissue.  Also a water bottle next to the sink.

Floors are canvas on the ground, with a few rugs in the bathroom and around the bed.  hot water bottles in bed on cold nights.  By each bedside is a torch, bug spray and water bottle.  

Dining is always with the group.  Breakfast is small buffet and eggs.  Lunch is buffet.  Dinner is served by staff going around the table.  Food is good for mobile camp.  Most drinks included.

The Ndutu area is small with quite a few campsites during this time of year (December/January).  So you will see other vehicles during the high season.  8 vehicles were seen at one kill and 7 at a lion sighting.

Camp is open with no fences, so escorts are required at night.
Excellent game saw cheetah kill, lions mating, bat eared fox, hyena, jackal, lots and wildebeest and zebras.  Plenty of common birds as well.  

Staff is helpful and kind.  Manager, Pascal, is 20 years experienced and very sensitive to guests needs.  Guide Jeremiah has been with Ndutu 4 years and is very knowledgeable.