Favorite African Antelopes

One of the most prolific and diverse mammals in Africa is the antelope. Some are as big as horses and others as small as a rabbit.

Eland - these are the largest antelope species


- The largest antelope, the eland look more like a brahma bull than antelope. Well adapted to dry conditions, they sport a large dewlap under their chin. On safari in East Africa you typically see them from far away. In Southern Africa you might be lucky to see a large herd of them at Samara Private Game Reserve near Port Elizabeth or at Bushman's Kloof north of Cape Town. When staying at the Stanley and Livingstone near Victoria Falls, the eland make their way to a waterhole near the back deck.



- These are some of the quickest antelopes with a sprint speed at 45 miles per hour. The sheen of their reddish coat is also incredibly beautiful in the evening sun. Above is a young tsessebe near Ker and Downey's Shinde Camp.


- One of the tiniest antelopes, the dik-dik are no bigger than a rabbit. They mate for life and whenever you see one, chances are that there is another one close by. Their noses look very peculiar and have a high concentration of blood vessels to assist with cooling their bodies during hot weather. You can find them in southern and eastern Africa.

Male Sitatunga


- The sitatunga are hairier than most antelopes and possess unique hooves that assist them with their lives in swampy environments. They are one of the hardest antelope species to see while on safari because their limited range. The Lewa Conservancy on the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya has a population. Another great place to see them is in the early mornings while on the Kanana Mokoro Trail in the Okavango Delta of Botswana.



- Kudu are perhaps the most stately and prestigious of all antelope species. The kudu horns can reach almost 6 feet long and spiral around 2 to 2.5 times. While they do not appear particularly camouflaged, the combination of a brown coat and white stripes make them disappear in their preferred bush habitat when they stop. You can find them throughout southern and eastern Africa.

A wildlife safari to Africa gives you the chance to see an amazing assortment of animals, including elephant, lions, giraffe. After checking the big five off of your list, make sure to take moment to look and appreciate the dozens of different species of antelope.