The Royal Portfolio Announces the Silo - Press Release

The Royal Portfolio Announces the Silo - Press Release

The Silo hotel is being built in the grain elevator portion of the historic Grain Silo Complex above what will become the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA). 
Situated directly above the museum, the hotel occupies a very special location in the heart of Cape Town. The Silo will have 28 keys, including a spectacular penthouse. There will be a spa, gym, bar and restaurant, as well as a rooftop swimming pool and champagne bar with panoramic views of Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel is set to welcome its first guests in late 2016. 


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Highlights from January 27 2015 #TL_Chat

Being a bit of a Twitter luddite - I grabbed some of the highlights from today's #TL_Chat below. Interesting stuff from a lot of great folks. Looking forward to the next one.  You can find me on Twitter at @scrappy325

Question 1 - What travel trends are you rooting for (or wish would go away) this year?

@acreange - Looking forward to wearable technology that's actually sleek and stylish.

@thepointsguy - Hoping for more smaller/niche adventures such as Cuba and Burma, also want airlines to stop devaluing frequent flyer programs.

@kayak - We're big fans of this new "leave no vacation day behind" mentality.  Because really, what are you waiting for?

@travelchannel We're all for experiential travel and local experiences, but we're over all the hype on millennial travel.

Question 2 - How are airports and airlines tempting travelers this year?

@TLTripDoctor - An airport trend for 2015: the independent lounge. We've been loving the Centurion Lounges at LAS, LGA, DFW and SFO.

@thepointsguy  - Investing in lounges like @amex new centurion luonges, @jetblue now has Mint, one of my favorite domestic biz class products

@pfrank1 - I'm encouraged by the popularity of premium economy. Recently flew @cathaypacificUS Hong Kong/NYC and slept like a baby!

Question 3 - Which emerging destination is going to hit the big time in 2015?

@googleTravel - Google searches for "Costa Rica vacations" are up 70% over the last 30 days.  Sounds pretty nice right about now.

@alicemarshallpr - Milan is high on our list with its Expo 2015 @ParkHyattMilan

@thepointsguy  - New hot destinations include Morocco (Essaouira) as well as African safaris where @EricRosenLA is now!

Question 4 - How has technology changed how you travel?

@JohnnyJet - Made it so much easier - I don't get lost anymore!

@TLTripDoctor  - See the over Instagramming of travel. I'm guilty as charged.

@WorldMate - How hasn't it? Technology allows you to have everything you need for traveling in the palm of your hand.

Question 5 - What upcoming trends will change the hotel experience this year?

@comohotels - Fully personalized experiences. We're there #checkintocheckout and have teams of wellness consultants and experts.

@CraigS_Smith @Marriott is now lending @GoPro cameras to guests, which puts more of a focus on the destination than the hotel.

@Discover_Cro - Boutique hotels for sure. Private, comfortable and luxurious - the perfect holiday!

Question 6 - What trends will change the way we cruise in 2015?

@JohnnyJet - More river cruises and more technology onboard.

@travelchannel - Several companies offer cruises to see the total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until 2026.

@TLTripDoctor cruise scene will realign.

Question 7 - How can you earn more for airline tickets this year?

@travelchannel - Not sure, but save money and book on Sundays. 57 days before travel for domestic flights and 171 days before travel for international.

@TLTripDoctor  - Don't rely on a single airline to bank points. Use a flexible points program tied to a credit card.

@5foottraveler - Bartending really is a great thing...

Question 8 - What are your 2015 travel resolutions?

@JohnnyJet  - Travel to 5 new countries!

@kayak - This year we resolve to travel smarter, and to help others do the same.

@TLTripDoctor - Get off the grid, use my miles, organize my pics

Question 9 - Share how to travel better in three words

@JohnnyJet  - Respectful, Open-mindedness and helpful

@travelchannel - Leave comfort zone

@kayak  - Just. Say. Yes.

Those are the highlights from my first #TL_Chat - did you see any interesting comments?